Mobiva Citizen

A community based citizen’s safety and emergency preparedness mobile application for evacuation and disaster alerts.

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Mobiva Citizen Safety Application for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Alerts

For Public Safety Use

Crime Alert

Report a crime being committed.

Disaster Alert

Report a disaster when people safety is at risk.

Call Emergency

Call for help during an emergency.

Medical Emergency

Call for emergency medical assistance.


Get help or advice in a crisis.


Get emergency evacuation alert to reach a safe place.

Send Crime Report

Reporting a crime to authorities.

Send Disaster Report

Reporting disasters and requesting emergency relief activities.

Building Safer Communities

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View live report and statistic updates from anywhere

Real-time automated roll call identifies employees and citizens during an emergency for evacuation. Safety officers can quickly establish whether people remain in the building affected and request for emergency assistance.

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Easy to Use

  • Easy to use interface to report any disaster emergency.

  • Integrated with local authorities and first responders within your community.

  • Early warnings with real-time information save lives.

  • User location and recorded user data is transmitted with every emergency call.

  • Stay informed with responder location updates.
  • View disaster areas nearby.

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